UnPresidented: The Book

DC Street Photographers Document Donald Trump's Inauguration and the People's Response

If you came to town for the inauguration to participate in the Women’s March on Washington or any of the other anti-inauguration events, or if you were only here in spirit, this is the book that will remind you what the fight is about.

Named a “Project We Love” by Kickstarter — a designation only 5 percent of Kickstarter’s projects earn — our campaign met its initial funding goal in less than four days. Un-Presidented: The Inauguration of Donald J. Trump and the People’s Response is a high-quality, hard cover art book filled with powerful black-and-white street photography. Fewer than 400 books remain from the first, and, likely, only run. Pick up your copy today!

Open Call Winners

Of hundreds of images submitted to our open call for entries, we picked these 12 to appear in UnPresidented.

Loud, Strong, Emphatic

Thank you. We needed that. We needed the massive, overwhelming show of strength and determination that millions of women and men around the world provided on Saturday.

It's Mourning in America

President Trump’s America was born Friday in a loud, angry, spasm that left storefronts shattered, a black stretch limo ablaze and public property destroyed in a several block area in the middle of the U.S. capital.


Angry confrontations between protestors and police changed the story line on what was supposed to be a farewell to President Barack Obama on his last full day in office.

Finding Strength on Both Sides of the Lens

For the women in the group, we’ve grown accustomed to capturing images of protests and political events in the nation’s capital, but we all agree that there’s nothing quite like what’s about to happen this week in D.C.

An Open Call to Document History

If you get a great photograph from the celebration or one of the protests, then this is your opportunity to have it preserved as part of the historical record.